Maryanne is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who bases her approach on evidenced based interventions.  She practices person-centered care, which aims to be respectful of, and responsive to, client preferences, lifestyle and values.

Meet the NP

Adult Nurse Practitioners diagnose, and treat common health problems. We :

  • Screen for and treat chronic disease
  • Order tests and interpret their results,
  • stitch/drain minor wounds
  • Write prescriptions 
  • Refer you to a specialist 
  • Provide Foot Care, Wound Care,
  • Do Home  Visits

Health Insurance

Foot Care, and NP consultation are covered for Veterans, RCMP, and CAF members through  Medavie Blue Cross and WCB.

New Patients

All newly rostered patients receive a one-hour consultation to establish a personalized care plan. Lab tests and imaging are included at NO COST.

House Calls Available

 Office Hours

Monday 9-5 pm 

Tuesday--9-5 pm

Wednesday 9-5 pm 

Thursday--9-5 pm

Friday 9-5 pm 

Health Access NP Incorporated

101-5700 Cowrie Street

Sechelt BC V0N3A0

+1.604 747-4757

Health Access Np Diabetic

Foot Care and Wound care

               in Sechelt, BC 

  "A Nurse Practitioner is a nurse with advanced education and training in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and prescription."


Same day appointments in clinic and at home are available.

   ​       Treat your Feet!

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      Health Access  NP ​-Adult Clinic

What's a Nurse Practitioner?


Office closed--Jan. 30-Feb.3 for UBC CPD Review of Elderly Course in Vancouver BC

CARE course for management of rural emergencies completed Jan. 20 & 21st completed

**Diabetes Educator Course**

April 23-26'17 completed.

​Wound care practice and theory review May 9'17 completed.