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    The clinic is now open. Please ensure the use of a face mask upon entering the building.

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Maryanne Attended the 50th annual Review in Family Medicine conference Feb. 2020

The Clinic welcomes Katia Langton Pedorthist Jan 10th 2020. 

 Maryanne attended the BC Podiatry Conference this October 2019


What's a Nurse Practitioner?

Meet the NP

Adult Nurse Practitioners diagnose, and treat common health problems. We :

  • Screen for and treat chronic disease
  • Order tests and interpret their results,
  • stitch/drain minor wounds
  • Write prescriptions 
  • Refer you to a specialist 
  • Provide Foot Care, Wound Care,
  • Do Home  Visits

      Health Access  NP ​-Adult Clinic

Health Access NP in Sechelt

Foot Care and Wound care

               in Sechelt, BC 

Call Us:  +1.604 747-4757

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House Calls Available

Health Access NP Incorporated

101-5700 Cowrie Street

Sechelt BC V0N3A0

+1.604 747-4757

New Patients

All newly rostered patients receive a one-hour consultation to establish a personalized care plan. Lab tests and imaging are included at NO COST.

  "A Nurse Practitioner is a nurse with advanced education and training in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and prescription."


Maryanne is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who bases her approach on evidenced based interventions.  She practices person-centered care, which aims to be respectful of, and responsive to, client preferences, lifestyle and values.


Health Insurance

Foot Care, and NP consultation are covered for Veterans, RCMP, and CAF members through  Medavie Blue Cross and WCB.

Same day appointments in clinic and at home are available.

  Treat your Feet!

 Office Hours

Monday 9-4 pm 

Tuesday--9-4 pm

Wednesday 9-4 pm 

Thursday--9-4 pm

Friday 9-4 pm